Established in 2020, common material is a Red Hook, Brooklyn based art and design platform focused on ideation and experimentation to create unique furniture and objects that relate to space. through the exploration of familiar materials, artist and designer duo Cassandra and Joel Kern, couple their interests to provide thought–provoking and lasting objects.

Simply, common material is a container for making, ideation and experimentation and this web platform offers the option to view and purchase the limited edition outcomes.

Collectors of art and design texts, our research based approach comes from the need to learn and experiment. We design with the intent to produce interesting objects for a new interior esthetic by paying tribute to details of the past. If you are interested in what peaks our interest right now, view the cm commons, a digital archive of our library–coming soon.

Our process is a community driven one–it is the manifestation of those we surround ourselves with. To maintain that process we are always interested in collaborating and building community so please don't hesitate to drop a line or visit the studio. We have monthly studio pop-up hours disseminated via our newsletter. Sign-up to come hang!